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Impact Lives Through Better Health

Welcome to Cedar, your North Burnaby physiotherapy and chiropractic clinic.
Get help and get better so you can go back to the important things in life. Your team of dedicated North Burnaby Heights physiotherapists and chiropractor is centrally located in the vibrant Heights neighbourhood on Hastings Street.

Experience integrated healthcare solutions in a welcoming and inviting clinic. Your skilled team strives to be the leading physiotherapists, chiropractor and exercise professionals in your community.

You are part of the healing process to achieve your therapy goals. You will receive an individualized approach and a treatment plan suited to help you in every step of your recovery!

Impact Lives Through Better Health

Pain happens, suffering is optional. It is important for you to be able to take care of yourself and those around you.

Improve your health and the lives of the people you care for. We are dedicated to be the leading Burnaby physiotherapists and chiropractor

Provide Hope With A Plan

Get care that is effective and individualized. After a detailed consultation, learn what is the best treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

If something is slowing you down, there is a way to help you overcome it. Thousands have been helped with their health challenges

Our Values

Your time is important to us. Have the best care, delivered in a timely manner.

We stand behind our beliefs and values.

When you arrive at your chiro and physio clinic on Hastings Street, you will experience a professional, organized and friendly environment


Burnaby Physiotherapy

Experience one-on-one, individualized care at your North Burnaby Heights physiotherapy clinic to help keep you moving longer and moving stronger. Your physiotherapists in Burnaby on Hastings Street are trusted and have advanced training,

Your Burnaby physios are experts in assessing and finding whole body movement pattern problems. We use a holistic approach in helping you recover. Specialized areas include: dance physiotherapy, orthopedic and sports injuries and pediatric physiotherapy.

Your physiotherapy team uses a variety of treatment approaches including: manual therapy, IMS, physiotherapy rehabilitation, visceral manipulation and osteopathy

Burnaby Chiropractor

Your Burnaby chiropractor will help get your life back. Reduce pain, improve your health and bring your body back in balance. Part of your team located in the growing Heights, your chiropractor uses Activator chiropractic adjustments, rehab exercise and other treatments to get you better quickly.

Chiropractors assess and treat muscle, joint and nerve injuries. Chiropractic adjustments help enhance your spine and body health through better movement.

Injuries helped include acute and chronic low back pain, neck pain, headache, shoulder pain, motor vehicle accident injuries or whiplash (ICBC) and workplace injuries (WSBC). Patients include athletes seeking recovery from sports injuries with our dedicated chiropractor in Burnaby

Exercise Rehab

Exercise rehabilitation can be quite an effective complement to your physiotherapy care.

Under the supervision of your physiotherapist, exercise rehab can include the use of a variety of equipment. These may include small hand held weights, exercise balls, therapy resistance bands, clinical pilates exercises and other movement systems.

The focus is to help you recover from your injury as well as improve your overall health. You can increase your flexibility, strength, balance and enhance your injury recovery. Other benefits include improving your general fitness and well-being with exercise, active rehab
Green leaf We are here to help you get back to doing the things that matter in life

Patient Reviews

... each time I left feeling 100% better ...

I can't say enough good things about these guys, I've been there for three appointments now and each time I left feeling 100% better. Thanks again!

Anna, Google Review

... I really feel being cared for every time ...

Love the staff and the environment of the clinic. The doctors and the lady at the reception are very friendly and welcoming. I felt understood and in good hands after the first visit and am very excited to go back there for every appointment. I really feel being cared for every time I come for an adjustment. Would highly recommend this to everyone!

Karina, Google Review

... Great place ...

Great place. Runs smooth. Staff are all friendly. Scheduling is always on time

James, Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a physiotherapist do?

Your physiotherapist is a healthcare expert. They are here to help you move and feel better. Patients visiting their physio have a variety of injuries ranging from knee sprains, vertigo, sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents. Depending on your injury, your physiotherapist can use a number of different treatment approaches including manual therapy, exercise rehab, electrical modalities and bracing.

What does a chiropractor do?

Your chiropractor is skilled at helping restore proper function and movement to your spine to help you better recover from your injury. They treat a range of neuromusculoskeletal issues, such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain and headache. The main treatment approach they use is a spinal or joint adjustment. Your chiropractor may also recommend specific exercises, nutritional supplements and postural suggestions.

How does exercise rehabilitation work?

Exercise rehab can be an important part of your recovery. Stretching tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles. Balancing body imbalances. These are all important parts in helping you continue your recovery as well as potentially preventing future relapses.

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